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Virtual Credit Card Terminal

Easier Than Online Banking!

Online virtual terminals are extremely versatile.  The gateway securely retains your credit card information.   If you are keeping transactional data in a filing cabinet or drawer, you are risking your customer’s card and your good name.

If you are storing paper transactional data, you may not be PCI Compliant and you risk stiff financial penalties if this data is compromised.

  • Key in transactions after using an imprinter.  Securely store the card holder information on the gateway.
  • Attach a mag stripe reader and get swiped rates.
  • Use the same gateway for Smart Phone/iPhone transactions.
  • Add an Inventory Management System.
  • Add a Point of Sale (POS) System.
  • Add our QuickBooks plugin to import your transactions instead of double keying.

We setup a time for training.  It is so easy to use, most training lasts five to ten minutes for the online terminal.  We spend additional time with you explaining the Do’s and Don’ts of credit card processing, along with an overview of PCI Compliance.

This is the most cost effective and versatile system the market has to offer.  It is scalable.  It can work for a business of one or a call center.  There are many add-ons and plug-ins not discussed here that can really help the efficiency of any size organization.

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