Next Day Funding

Next Day Funding - Merchant ServicesOur Express Merchant Funding service is a great solution for businesses who process the bulk of their transactions in the evening, such as restaurants, and businesses on the west coast.

It’s also beneficial for merchants with heavy weekend sales volume because they will get their deposit on Monday instead of Tuesday. This makes it easier for them to meet business expenses like payroll, purchasing inventory, and more.

Finally, keep in mind that not all next day funding programs are created equal. Some processors require that merchants have an account at their designated bank. That’s not the case with us because of the proprietary back-end processing platform, so we can help merchants batch out later and get their deposits sooner.

For restaurants, dry cleaners and other businesses that need their cash quickly to keep their business running smoothly, next day funding is for you.  Our next day funding is different from competitors. The two features below differentiate our next day funding from the rest of credit card processors.

Feature 1

We have the latest time to settle your batch in the industry for your next day funding! Our 11 pm eastern, midnight pacific time cutoff time makes it convenient for most merchants.

Feature 2

We deposit real money, not just a memo post. The money is available to you the next morning; thus, next day funding.

Many merchant services companies will tell you they have next day funding, but what they really have is a memo post of your funds to your bank account. A memo post is used to temporarily recorded a credit or charge to the account that updates your bank account balance in “batch posting”. The transactions will permanently post to your account, generally later that evening or the next business day.

These two features, along with NO Annual Fee and NO PCI compliance fees  are what makes our company unique and award winning. We have the latest cutoff time for real money deposits, not just a memo post of funds.

1. Cutoff time is 11 PM Eastern
2. Real money deposited (not just a memo posted) by the next morning

Next Day Funding Schedule

Batch Day Batch Out Time Day You Receive It
Monday by 11:00 PM Tuesday
Tuesday by 11:00 PM Wednesday
Wednesday by 11:00 PM Thursday
Thursday by 11:00 PM Friday
Friday by 11:00 PM Monday
Saturday by 11:00 PM Monday
Sunday by 11:00 PM Monday
Important Note: When the Federal Reserve is closed (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays) money doesn’t move.  All Batch Out Times are Eastern Timezone.