Successful Entrepreneurs

Cornerstone Childcare

Cornerstone Childcare

Network and Connect

Cynthia Stimpson is the spotlight in the second article on successful business people.  Cynthia has been in early education and childcare for twenty years.  She knows her business and industry.  While childcare is competitive, Cynthia leaves her competition in the dust when it comes to new business.  Active in the community, she is an active member of three Chambers and serves on non-profit Boards.  Giving back to the community with her time and talents, she is exceptional at networking and connecting with people.

Market Differentiators

In any business, if you don’t have differentiators, then you compete on price.  You become a commodity.  Cynthia’s active role in Cornerstone Childcare’s operations and strategic development allow the business to remain flexible, vibrant and agile.  Unlike large childcare chains, Cynthia connects with the educators that will eventually become the children’s teachers. Implementing the Texas Early Education Model (TEEM), Cornerstone Childcare sets itself apart when it comes to preparing children for school.