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Successful Entrepreneurs

Why do some businesses make it and other’s fail?  Jeff Gleeson, is the third installment in the Successful Entrepreneurs series.

Kwik Kar

Never Measured, Never Managed

After 19 years working for a large defense contractor, Jeff an his wife Lori were looking for a new gig.  With an MBA from TCU (go Horned Frogs!), Jeff wanted to put his education to use running his own business.

In March 2006, Jeff and Lori bought their Kwik Kar.

Jeff’s education and analytical background were a catalyst to understanding the metrics that were making his business grow.  Rather than shooting from the hip as many small businesses do, Jeff could isolate his successful products and services; forecast his slowest and busiest days of the month; and project his growth.

Jeff and his wife Lori divvy up the functional areas required to run a successful business.  Lori, a wonderfully caring and outgoing person, actively participates in community and Chamber functions.  Jeff focuses on operations and marketing strategy.

They doubled their monthly sales within two years and it continues to grow, even in the midst of the greatest financial recession since the 1930s.

Customer Service

Jeff is a quite and modest man.  He shares, “Our store is truly a “Mom & Pop” operation.  My wife and I are on site on a daily basis and we get to know our regular customers personally.”

Jeff continues, “My experience in operations management has helped a lot, but I’m convinced that the main factor in our success is customer service.”

Every business claims great customer service, but do they really have it?  This Kwik Kar does.  I’ve experienced it and so have countless others.

So what’s Jeff’s and Lori’s secret?  Jeff attributes his returning customers and low attrition to:

  1. Greeting customers promptly,
  2. Understanding the needs of individual customers and following through to make sure those needs are addressed.
  3. Special requests by customers are no problem.   Jeff and Lori look at special requests as an opportunity to solidify customer relations and keep them coming back.
  4. ASE certified automotive technician on staff.  They are able to provide customers with a full range of automotive services.

Opportunity from the Routine

The routine oil change presents the perfect opportunity to have your air conditioning problem diagnosed and repaired, or to get a free brake check. Those are services that big box stores and oil-change-only chain stores cannot or do not offer.

Jeff states, “Car dealer service departments can provide these services, but usually at greater cost and less convenience.  We provide these services quickly, in a very personalized way and in the customer’s own neighborhood.  This has proven to be a very successful business model for us.”

Fast, Easy and Convenient

Jeff’s team can bust out an oil change, check your fluid levels, tire pressure, clean your windows and vacuum your car in about 20 minutes.  His waiting room is stocked with the latest magazines.  Got a laptop?  Jeff has free wi-fi for his customers.

Kwik Kar Lube & Tune
7301 Boat Club Rd
Fort Worth,TX 76179
(817) 236-2322

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