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Careers and Jobs in Merchant Services and Credit Card Processsing

Now hiring for Account Executives.  This is a wonderfully lucrative position that has no salary cap and you work your own hours.  That being said, this isn’t public school and we don’t have to work with the slowest students.  So, if you are not motivated to take control of your own life, make more money and be your own boss, then PLEASE don’t fill out the form below.

Account Executive Prerequisites:

  1. A basic understanding of math.
  2. Exceptional ability to interact with others, especially those you meet for the first time.
  3. Ability to set appointments.
  4. A comprehension of networking with others, online and in the real world.
  5. Possess irreproachable character and integrity.
  6. Self-starter.  You’ll make a ton of money if you are a self-starter, you won’t make bus fare if you aren’t.

We provide all the tools you need to be a success.  You just need to bring desire and a personal call to action.  We provide initial training for those who possess the mettle.

If you want more information about us, you can connect via LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook Business.  We are the best and only want the best.  Our customers deserve it.

Career Interest

Please fill out these few short questions. Your information and responses are confidential. Information is shared internally with senior level managers only.
  • Please elaborate on why you want to work with the Merchant Services Inc family of companies. We're not worried about the grammar, but we are interested in what you are looking for.