Jon Perry

Jon Perry

The August 28, 2009 Seminar is Sold Out.

Most small business cannot afford to pay $200 or more per month to build their online presence through social media.  It would take you hundreds of hours to learn what you will take away from this seven hour hands-on social media training at the Business Assistance Center on Saturday, October 3, 2009.  Add this seminar to your cart at the bottom of the page. Download the brochure.

It would take hundreds of hours to research and learn what you will take away from this seven hour hands on seminar. Take the most common traditional marketing from bulletin boards to direct mail to newspaper ads.  It could cost a small business over $11,000 per month.  Social media only costs your time.  It’s available 24/7 and pulls people to you, rather than traditional marketing that relies on interrupts to the brain.

Social media is more than just doing tweets, writing on a person’s wall or connecting with 1000s of other business people.  It’s a strategy.  It’s why online Amazon is such a powerhouse and Borders a thing of the past.

You will gain an understanding of the power in each of these online tools. You will learn how to integrate the tools by posting one time, while having your message go to many sites.  Use the power of Twitter, Facebook Business, Linked-In, YouTube, Blogs and much more!

Why is this seminar important? In this new economy, social media is available 24/7/365. It’s where your customers are looking for you and learn about you. It’s why Amazon is king and Borders falls way behind. It’s the new way to market. It’s all about growing your business. Social Media is not about the technology.  It’s all about people and processes.

Social Media helps find jobs, connect people, and provides a medium to share and discuss information. Business owners trying to use traditional marketing approaches with social media will fail. Learn how to setup and Manage Social Media on 30 Minutes a Day.

Due to personalized attention and research, registration is limited to 25 and there will be no cash refunds.

The price for this class is $295.  If you are a verifiable member of the Northwest Chamber, the cost is $195.

Fort Worth Business Assistance Center (BAC)
1150 South Freeway
Fort Worth TX  76104
at I-35 South @ Rosedale

A portion of the proceeds are donated to Project New; helping first time business owners.

Want more information?  Email or call 817.857.3557 today!