Social Media Seminar

Most small business cannot afford to pay $200 or more per month to build their online presence through social media. It would take you hundreds of hours to learn what you will take away from this seven hour hands-on social media training. Download the brochure.

Understanding Visa MasterCard Interchange

Interchange is the lubricant to the gears in the transaction process. Interchange rates are based on risk. Debit cards have lower risk, corporate cards have higher risk. Understanding interchange makes you a more savvy merchant. It helps you understand when you are negotiating your merchant account what fees can be adjusted and which cannot.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing allows you to send Mobile Coupons and links of specials or new content to your customers.  Mobile Rewards are an electronic loyalty program that allow you to track, enter and redeem points that you create, at your credit card terminal Mobile Coupon Features Easy Customer Sign -Up Text/Terminal/Phone call/Web ‘Set and Forget’ Messages: […]

Merchant Gift Cards

Gift and Loyalty Programs: Gift Cards: FREE – Gift Cards and Holders FREE – Personalization FREE – Acrylic Display FREE – Downloads and Training FREE – Table Tents, Window and Register Decals How Gift Cards Help Your Business Boost prepaid gift sales Simplifies transaction and management reporting Automates electronic funds transfer between stores Generates brand […]


Our wholly owned subsidiary, Rebel Without Applause LLC, helps you create websites that are fresh, clean and relevant to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. According to most market research, 96% of people don’t go beyond the first search page, so your business needs to be in the top 10.  Standford University’s studies show […]