Alternative Financing Methods

Get the money out of your business you need and deserve.

Oftentimes, banks or traditional financial institutions can be one dimensional in their product offerings, but through us, you will find a family of alternative financing methods with solutions structured around your individual business needs. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet your financing needs. Our goal is to get working capital in the hands of businesses quickly and effectively. Our financing program has become an important alternative to traditional bank lending as a source for short term funds. Since our financing program is not a loan, there are no fixed payments to worry about.

We purchase a set dollar amount of your future Visa/Mastercard sales at a discount. Then, through an automated process, we seamlessly collect the agreed upon amount by taking a small percentage from each Visa/Mastercard transaction. Basically, we get paid as you get paid.

You have worked hard to get your business where it is today, and you are ready to invest to take your business to the next level. How do you fund this investment?

The banks don’t understand your business and they don’t seem to assign any value to either your loyal customer base that keep coming back or any new sales your investment will bring in. Also, the loan process is long and complicated; banks want more information on your personal assets than your business plan. If you are not able to keep up with their fixed payment schedule you may be fighting to keep your house or collateral. If this sounds familiar, then this is the right choice for you.

Adding that friend or relative as partner leads to an immediate lack of control in the business and a splitting of future profits. We are your silent partner; you can bring us on when you need us and let us go when you are done with none of the downside of a real equity partner.

Leasing or renting large ticket capital equipment leaves you with fixed payments that you are obligated to pay, even if your sales decline. Also, the total price of the equipment that can be two to three times the original cost through leasing arrangements. Using alternative financing methods to fund that equipment purchase lowers your long-run total cost, doesn’t obligate you to a long-term lease and doesn’t affect your credit rating.

Our Advantage:

* We provide financing very quickly—often within a week
* We are not lenders and you don’t need to qualify for a loan
* No UCC Lien will be filed and your credit score will not be affected
* No personal guarantees are required
* You don’t need any collateral—we are partners in you success
* There is no fixed payment obligation—we are investing on your success
* We provide an easy repayment method with your processor
* We provide repetitive alternative financing methods and incentives for your business
* The application process is simple

The choice is clear. Contact us today to start the process and UNLOCK THE VALUE IN YOUR BUSINESS.